Friday, 26 April 2013


Xtreme Rat Tutorial

First Download Xtreme Rat from here

Setting up NO-IP

Download the NO-IP DUC client.

Now, go on and click on "Login" then type your Email and your Password.

[Image: noip8.png]
Now, click on "Add a Host".

[Image: noip9.png]

Choose a "Hostname", enter your IP address and click on "Create Host".
[Image: noip10.png]

Done, now open No-IP DUC 3.0 and enter your Email and your Password and lick on "OK".

[Image: noip11.png]

Now, select your "Host" and click on "Save".
[Image: noip12.png]

Setting up the RAT

Open Up xtreme RAT. The default language is Espaniol. Change it to English.
[Image: 98029834.png]

Go to:
Options---> Connections
Select the desired port. Remember you need to forward this port on your router.

[Image: 68755357.png]

Go to:
Options--> IP Update --> NO-IP
Enter the details.

[Image: 26484986.png]

Go to:
File---> Create server

[Image: 13282815.png]

Follow the pictures for the corresponding tabs.
[Image: 51178815.png]

[Image: 29132198.png]

[Image: 10157607.png]

There you have finally created your server.
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Thursday, 25 April 2013


Hc Stealer Tutorial

1.Download Hc Stealer 2013 from here

2. Open and Extract it to your Desktop
[Image: 4d6466f989e24ceebac17dc.png]
3. Click MySQL
[Image: 79f616789b224f2687ddace.png]
4. Register a account and create a Database
[Image: 60deacc537a64d21aeb5b26.png]]
5. Edit the index.php file that is in the folder
[Image: 0d21f6ec77734518a0f5cd4.png]
6 Copy your Database information and Paste it to the PHP file in Notepad++ And Save it
[Image: 0d0d70ccfb164259ada8ea8.png]
7. Go back and click File Manager then Upload, "index.php, style.css" Files (NOTE: UPLOAD FILES IN, "public_html")
[Image: 7c3493a886814b4a87b7303.png] Then [Image: 4995c54e4c2b459db3c0faf.png] Then [Image: 7350815c022246f396109e4.png]

8. Open HC Stealer and enter your Keylogger URL Then Generate it
[Image: 31b5dcf402804196b3e1848.png]
9. Upload it
10. Login at your Keylogger URL

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